Molecular and Nanoscale Physics

Barbara Hepworth Lecture

4 February 2015

Dr Lorna Dougan has been invited to give a lecture as part of the Barbara Hepworth Lecture series at Wakefield Girls High School.

The Barbara Hepworth Lectures, named after a former pupil of the School, take place on Wednesday afternoons. Speakers in the past have included Baroness Prashar, writer and comedian Natalie Haynes, entrepreneur Emily Cummins, and many other noted experts in diverse fields, from academia, business, and the arts. The purpose of the lecture series is to provide an education outside and beyond the curriculum and to give the girls an insight into the developing and future world that they will help shape. Wakefield Girls High School encourages the girls to develop an intellectual curiosity about everything and to challenge conventional thinking.

As part of Dr Dougan’s talk, she will be discussing how physics can be used to understand life in extreme environments, as well as providing an insight into the rewards of a career in science.