Molecular and Nanoscale Physics

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29 October 2014

Understanding the Physics of Life in Extreme Environments

From Molecules to Systems – Focussed Workshop 3 Open for Registration

Confirmed speakers and their talk titles: 

Prof Joseph Zaccai, Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble

‘Dynamics and adaptation to extreme environments’

Prof Michael Danson, Centre for Extremophile Research, University of Bath

‘Extremophiles and their enzymes:  finding the balance between structural rigidity and catalytic flexibility’

Prof Jennifer Littlechild, Biosciences, University of Exeter

‘Thermophilic Enzymes for Biocatalysis’

Dr Thorsten Allers, School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham

‘Life without DNA replication origins ­ How to improve on nature’

Dr Nick Brooks, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London

‘Probing membrane structure and dynamics at high pressure’

Following our Plenary Events, we are organising a series of Focussed Workshops. The main purpose of these meetings will be to provide opportunities for researchers to talk and interact through, for example, brief flash presentations, speed-dating exercises, facilitated discussions and other activities. Each meeting also features a top-class line-up of invited speakers to set the scene and stimulate discussion.

Here we will focus on the specific challenges at the physical/life sciences interface relating to life in extreme environments. These concern questions spanning molecular to cellular scales and include but are not limited to: uncovering the biophysical origins of molecular evolution, the effects of high pressure, high/low temperature and salt on the structure, dynamics and mechanics of biological systems, the current and potential applications of enzymes from extremophilic organisms in industrial biotechnology and biocatalysis, and DNA replication, recombination and repair under extreme environmental conditions. The meeting will include a series of short talks from leading biologists and biophysicists to “set the scene” for intensive discussion into developing novel and exciting lines of interfacial research in this area.

Our goal is to provide a context in which researchers can build new collaborative cross-disciplinary partnerships to address key challenges in Understanding the Physics of Life.

 Life in Extreme Environments, Weetwood Hall, Leeds, November 10/11


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