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Welcome to the MNP Postgraduate page, here you will find details of all our upcoming projects, details of the supervisory team and any other details relating to Postgraduate study with the Molecular and Nanoscale Physics.

Dr Ralf Richter

Nanoscale Physics of Inter-Cellular Communication

Professor Steve Evans

'Single Molecule Studies in Supported Lipid Membranes'

Delivery of Hydrophobic Drugs

Micro/Nanobubble aided Non-Viral Delivery

Targeted Nanotubes for Uptake into Tumour Models and Photothermal Treatment

Mechano-Phenotyping of Cancer and Rare Diseases

Dr Lorna Dougan

'Extreme Environments: Understanding and Exploiting the Potential of Proteins from Extremophile Organisms'

'Towards the next generation of sustainable ‘green’ solvents for the future'


'Extreme biomaterials: exploiting proteins from extremophile organisms'

Dr Hugo Christenson

'Crystallisation in Confinement'

Dr Kevin Critchley

'Intra-Cellular Sensing using Quantum Dots'

'Photo-Thermal Heating of Nanoparticles for Therapeutics'

'Assembling Collodial Quantum Dots into 2D and 3D Arrays'

Dr Peter Adams

Developing novel photonic nanomaterials inspired by photosynthetic biomembranes