Molecular and Nanoscale Physics

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Our research covers many aspects of Molecular and Nanoscale science. By its nature, the work is highly multidisciplinary and we collaborate closely with colleagues in Biology, Chemistry, Electronic Engineering, Medicine and the CMNS centre. For details follow the links to the academic staff involved in the group.

  • Lipid bilayers: Prof S.D. Evans; Dr S.D. Connell; Dr L.J.C. Jeuken
  • Protein folding: Dr E. Paci; Dr N.H. Thomson; Dr L. Dougan
  • Crystal growth: Dr H.K. Christenson
  • Liquid crystals: Prof S.D. Evans
  • Nanoparticles: Prof S.D. Evans;  Dr Kevin Critchley
  • Liquids and complex fluids: Dr L. Dougan
  • Microfluidics: Dr Jung-uk Shim