Atomic Force Microscopy

Bruker MultiMode 8
Two MultiModes having high resolution imaging capabilities with top down optics; imaging individual atomic features with PeakForce Tapping; high resolution nanomechanical characterization with PeakForce QNM; measurement of mechanics in the frequency domain ranging from 0.05 Hz up to 8 kHz.
Bruker Dimension Icon
Large sample imaging, with x-y range of 100 μm and very high z-range of 15 μm; excellent stable Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping for high resolution maps of elastic modulus, adhesion, dissipation etc.; temperature stage capable of reaching up to 60 °C in liquid.
Bruker Dimension FastScan
High speed imaging, capable of capturing 2 frames per second in liquid and acquisition of large images (>10 - 35 μm) at high pixel resolution (>1024 pixels) in under a minute; heater-cooler stage for imaging at 2 - 80 °C in air and 2 - 45 °C in liquid.
Asylum Research MFP-3D
Two MFP-3D systems, highly stable for low force and low noise force measurements; MFP-3D-Bio system integrated with Zeiss AxioVert inverted epifluorescence microscope; MFP-3D system equipped with Variable Magnetic Field Module capable of imaging in a feedback controlled magnetic field up to 0.8 Tesla; heater-cooler stage for imaging in liquids at 5 - 80 °C.
JPK Nanowizard 4 AFM- PicoQuant Confocal FLIM
Nanowizard 4 AFM on an Olympus IX73 inverted optical microscope integrated with a PicoQuant MicroTime 200 time-resolved confocal fluorescence microscope with FLIMbee galvo-scanners for simultaneous AFM/fluorescence imaging, capable of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM), Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) and related optical modes; equipped with 485 nm, 560 nm and 640 nm lasers.
For more information on the AFM Facility, access to the instruments, sample analysis etc., please contact Dr. Simon Connell (Email:; Phone: 0113 343 8241) or Dr. Lekshmi Kailas (Email:; Phone: 0113 343 1675)