Studies of extreme-adapted proteins

Single molecule force spectroscopy mechanically manipulates proteins


Extreme-adapted organisms from physical and chemical extremes

Mimetics of Mars water

Highly compressed water structure observed in a perchlorate aqueous solution

Physics of Life in Extreme Environments

We are developing experimental and computational techniques to explore the physics of living systems under extreme environmental conditions including high and low temperatures, high salt concentrations and high and low pH. Extremophiles are organisms which survive and thrive in extreme environments. The proteins from extremophilic single-celled organisms are structurally stable and functionally active under extreme physical and chemical conditions. These proteins provide excellent model systems to determine the role of non-covalent interactions in defining protein stability and dynamics as well as being attractive targets for the development of robust biomaterials.

  • Single molecule studies of proteins from extremophile organisms
  • Molecular mechanisms of cryoprotection
  • Water under extreme conditions


Persons involved

Dr Lorna Dougan