Cancer photothermal therapy

Functionalised gold nanoparticles for cancer targeting

Antimicrobial therapeutics

Designed antimicrobial peptides selectively disrupt bacterial membranes and biofilms

Superselective targeting

Multivalent probes discriminate cells by their receptor density

DNA origami nanotiles

Structure and dynamics using atomic force microscopy

Biomaterials, nanomedicine & healthcare technologies

Biomaterials are an exciting class of materials designed specifically to interact with biological systems for medical uses. As many biological processes occur at the nanoscale, nanotechnology, which involves the study of very small materials in the 1-100 nm range, has huge potentials for the diagnosis, imaging, and treatment of human diseases. In the MNP group, exciting efforts are underway in studying the fabrication and characterisation of biomaterials (ranging from the nanoscale to the macroscale). In collaboration with colleagues from diverse disciplines such as Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, and Dentistry, we are actively investigating the applications of these innovative biomaterials for biosensing, diagnostics, drug delivery, and tissue engineering applications with the overall goal of improving quality of life and patient care.


Areas of interest include:

  • Functionalised gold nanoparticles for photothermal treatment of cancer
  • Quantum dots
  • Microbubbles
  • Exploiting folded and functional proteins in the production of novel biomaterials/hydrogels
  • DNA nanotechnology)
  • Superselective targeting of cells and tissues
  • Antimicrobial therapeutics
  • Exploiting extracellular matrix glycans in the design of novel biomaterials


Persons involved

Prof Stephen D. Evans

Dr Kevin Critchley

Dr. Zhan Yuin Ong

Dr Lorna Dougan

Dr Neil H. Thomson

Dr Ralf Richter