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PhD Opportunities

The entire list of projects offered by our group (on many topics across biophysics) can be found here. These can be funded from various other funding opportunities, including scholarship schemes offered by the University and by external agencies. More information about these scholarships (for UK, EU and international students) can be found here.

Our research group has selected several PhD projects (TBC), which have priority for funding. Please contact the supervisor(s) of the PhD project that you are most interested in directly via email for more information. Applying is relatively straightforward and can be done electronically.


Title (TBC)

Supervisors: TBC

Project description. TBC


IOP Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund:

The IOP Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund is for full or part-time graduates wishing to study towards a doctorate in physics and from groups that are currently under-represented in physics.

The IOP Application submission deadline is the 20 January 2023. We have an internal deadline of 9th December 2022. You must have interviewed and sent an offer letter by this date.

To find out more information go here:

Here is a YouTube video by Jocelyn Bell Burnell talking about this funding:



“Our department is proud to create inclusive student, research, and working cultures that are supportive and welcoming to those from all backgrounds, genders, ages, disabilities, religions, and other protected groups. We are committed to providing a postgraduate program that not only equips you with the technical and professional skills you will need in your career, but which is also enjoyable, supportive, diverse, and inclusive. We welcome all applications, but especially those from the under-represented groups in physics. Everybody’s needs will be supported, but if you do have any concerns, you can contact us, in confidence, to discuss how we can support your particular needs during a research degree at the University of Leeds.”



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